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Do you offer Fixed Fee Arrangements? 

In many cases we can offer a fixed fee arrangement that lets you know ahead of time what your costs will be.

To setup a fixed fee arrangement we jointly agree on the facts and issues involved then develop a plan on how to proceed. The fixed legal fee is set out in a document that records what’s included and what might be excluded, as well as how fees are to be paid.

A fixed fee arrangement can cover all the legal issues in your case or only some. You can also move to a fixed fee part way through a matter once all the issues to be addressed are understood.

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Do you offer Legal Coaching?  

Some people would prefer to run their own legal action but find the complexity difficult to manage. Legal coaching is where we support you to run your own case by reviewing documents, answering difficult questions and helping you to develop a strategy that makes the most of your strengths.

Many self-represented litigants with good cases strike difficulties or ultimately fail because they’re up against lawyers with years of experience. Legal coaching is a halfway house between legal representation and having to grapple with difficult legal issues on your own that helps level the playing field.

Do you offer Free Legal Advice?  

We can process most Victims of Crime compensation applications at no cost to clients. Please contact us for more information.           

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