Investment Advice Disputes

With decades of experience in financial services we can help if you’re unfortunate enough to have encountered wrong, misleading or negligent financial advice.
Often investment advice problems can be sorted out without the need to sue but if it comes to litigation we have the experience and insider knowledge to help you achieve the resolution you need.
If you contact us we can advise you on your legal rights and whether a compensation claim is likely to be successful. However don’t delay as strict time limits apply to many types of investment advice claims.


The legal stuff

“Investment services” is a general term used to describe a whole range of activities related to investments in financial instruments. Typically, the most common forms of investment services are the following:

  • The provision of investment advice whereby investors are provided with personal recommendations on the investments products that would be suitable for them (also known as an advisory service);The purchase or sale of financial products on an execution only basis (therefore without receiving investment advice); or
  • The provision of portfolio management services (collective or discretionary).

When selecting investment services one should always check that the provider is in fact licensed to provide investment services before entering into an agreement. Investment services should only be sought from licensed entities.

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